3 Technologies

Automotive communication to retrieve vehicle data

OBD diagnosis

Automotive Manufacturer Diagnosis

Functional CAN frames

Caption: CarAlgo Device integrates the LoRa low-power and long-range network.

Technical characteristics

M4 Cortex Processor

CAN 2.0 A & 2.0 B, 32 Mailbox

NXP TJA 1042 automotive tranceiver

Line K & L

64Mb memory, time stamped data

Auto-switching on connector Pins

3-axis accelerometer, 2g to 16g

Bluetooth BLE 5.0 IBeacon

AES128 Encryption

Temperature -45 ° to + 85 °

20mA consumption, 5 & micro; A standby

OTA, remote update

driver data

Driving scoring

Scoring Ecodrive

Average speed

Saving trips

Shock detection

Maintenance deadlines

vehicle usage data

Vin, identification number


Fuel level

Speed and RPM

Average consumption

Instant consumption

Carbon emission

DTC, motor defects

battery status