Caralgo fleet

Connected Fleet Management Solution

Caralgo device to collect vehicle data


CarAlgo Device collects multi-brand vehicle data (Mileage, Consumption, Maintenance etc.) and driving data (behavior and eco-driving).

Secure Storage Cloud Platform


Highly available, reliable cloud platform, data stored in European data centers secure, complying with CNIL and RGPD requirements.

Dashboard for tracking and management


Dashboard full web visualization of relevant indicators of management assistance, tracking of rides, park health and driving alerts.

Connect your vehicles

And manage your fleet

To improve your TCO


The health of the car fleet


Driver safety


Data and alerts

Vehicle data


Mileage of the vehicles

Fuel level

Vehicle status (rolling, stationary, etc.)

Battery status

Maintenance deadlines

Trip data


Date, time and duration, departure / arrival

Mileage traveled

Fuel consumption

Carbon emission

Average speed

Driving data


Driving scoring

Ecodrive Scoring



Engine faults, DTC

Shock detection

Speed overflow and RPM

Date of interview