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SMARTO is a company expert in automotive data, during the last three years, SMARTO has focused its research and development around the connected vehicle, and offers its solution CarAlgo Device : Dongle Multiprotocol and multi-brand, the most compact in the world thanks to its 6mm thick to fit discreetly in the fuse hatch, center console or glove box.

CarAlgo Device connects to the OBD socket, Plug and Go, it transmits the vehicle data to the Smartphone using Bluetooth LE.




Plug & GO
The most compact on the market
The most communicating

Your Data

Trips history

  • Trips with departure, destination, time and date, fuel cost, carbon emission, distance traveled, duration, speed, number of stops, and driving scores.

Respect for privacy

  • You have the choice to activate the automatic recording of the trips, and to delete available trips in the history.
    By default the trips are in private mode, you can by simple click classify professionals and generate the expense card for your professional reimbursements.

Monitor the health of your vehicle

  • CARALGO diagnoses your vehicle every time you start and alerts you.
    It displays the detected faults, and gives a detailed description for each fault, error code and severity.

Delete DTCs

  • The Diagnostics function lists the fault codes DTCs present in the vehicle and gives you access to the detailed descriptions of each code, so that you can intervene on the vehicle and carry out repairs. Once the soure of the defects disappeared, you can erase the faults memorized by the vehicle and thus turn off the MIL warning light engine on the dashboard.

Reduce fuel consumption by 20%

  • The driving scores are calculated by algorithms from our research.
    The analysis of driving is done according to several criteria: energy efficiency, economic efficiency and driving behavior of the driver. CarAlgo calculates for each trip three scores from the above criteria, the average of these scores, to allow you to improve and thus reduce your fuel consumption and your carbon emission

View real-time vehicle data

  • To optimize your driving, reduce your fuel consumption, and reduce your carbon footprint, you have a driving screen for displaying vehicle usage data in real time, useful to better dose your acceleration, braking and shifting.

    So, when starting up, move quickly the gearbox at higher speeds, drive at a constant speed, anticipate stops and use your engine brake.

APP Screens

Quick tour of the different screens of the Smartphone application.

Driving screens

Real time display during the trip of the vehicle usage data: instantaneous and average consumption, fuel consumption, cost and journey time, carbon emission, engine speed, speed, battery voltage, etc...

functions list

This screen shows the functions of the application: trip information, diagnosis, maintenance follow-up, fuel management, vehicle location, ecodrive scores, emergency call, the firmware update, the location of the OBD socket in the vehicle, the editing of documents, etc ...

Trips list

This screen presents the list of trips and its details: dates and times of departure and arrival, place of departure and arrival, fuel consumption, duration of the trip, distance traveled and the Ecodrive score

By default the trips are tagged "PERSO" for private use, and not appearing in the document. To make them appear, you have to tag them "PRO" by sliding to the left and pressing the "PRO" button. Similarly, the trips can be deleted with the same manipulation by pressing the "Delete" button. The gear wheel at the top right is used to choose the viewing period of the trips.

Trip displaying

Pressing the trip displays it on the map with the various measurements concerning it.

DTCs list

This screen presents the list of fault codes present, pressing a fault displays the description of the fault and indications to intervene on his vehicle and make repairs.

Pressing the "Delete" button allows you to delete the faults after the intervention on the vehicle.

Documents edition

This screen allows the PDF edition of the mileage sheets including only the trips tagged "PRO". The sheets can be generated for several periods at the user's choice.

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